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One of the most demanding and trending elements in home décor is the rug. Rugs have great benefits and add beauty to any room excellently, that’s why more and more people are considering to add them to their home. A wide collection of rugs can be found regarding sizes, colors, patterns, designs, shapes, and price. Moreover, rugs are also made of different materials and techniques and each of them has its own value, properties, and characteristics.

Rugs can be made with natural or synthetic fibers and they have different look, impact, and properties. So, it is good to know the properties and pros and cons of each material. Let’s have a look at the guide of different materials of the rug and how they affect the choice of rugs.


Wool is a substantial material which has been used for making rugs for many years. It is an amazing natural fiber that has great properties. The best characteristics of wool that make it the excellent choice in making rugs are that it is water repellent, extremely durable and fire repellent. The wool rugs take color rugs greatly and it allows for creating a wide range of colors and stunning designs. It gives the smooth and soft feel and aesthetically it has great value.

The most significant benefit of using wool rug is that it is a natural fiber and that’s why, it is a green, eco-friendly choice for the home. It is extremely durable and stands up well to wear and traffic. The only drawback of wool rugs is that they are expensive to buy.


Nylon is a common material which is used extensively in making rugs. The silky shaggy rugs made of nylon are very demanding and inviting to bare toes. It is a cheaper and man-made variation of silk and gives a great look and feel like silk. These inexpensive rugs made by nylon are very appealing for the people who have a low budget and do not look for an exclusive natural fiber and handmade rug. But these rugs are not as durable as wool rugs.


Silk is a natural fiber used to make the rugs that have luxury and royal look. These are nota s durable and touch as wool rugs, but because of their sheen and luxury look, they are highly demanding in royal areas. These rugs are used only for the decorative purpose and especially on walls and low traffic areas. They require special care to keep in good condition.

These are some of the most common materials used for making rugs. Choose the material of the rug carefully while keeping the area of the home where you are going to place it. Consider the traffic volume, sunlight, usage of room and other factors to choose the right material of rug that stay with you in good condition for a longer time.

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